Stylist Recommendations for Successful Women on How to Create a Perfect Image

New hairstyle can change the whole image completely. Indeed, a cut can not only change the overall look, but also change life. Fitting cut emphasizes facial features, as well as makes it possible for ladies to create the desired look at ease. An experienced stylist can easily find the right hairdo to hide imperfections and make the look stylish.

Tips On How To Choose A Cut

Searching for a new cut, take your facial features into account. Such aspects as hair thickness, texture and quality play a key role when selecting a hairdo. It’s also worth paying attention to other aspects, such as oiliness when willing to change your look. Such a way, give preference to short or medium length cut to wash it easier in case you have oily hair.

If you have curly hair, then medium length or long cut will be a catch for you; it will be easier for you to do the desired hairstyle, as well as you won’t have to spend time on styling your hair too long. Curly hair adds volume and is thicker than straight one, so long cut will make it possible for you to create an unforgettable look.

Face shape means a lot when it comes to selecting a cut:

  • Oval face is considered to be the one looking good with any haircut. It will be easier for you to find the right cut if you have oval face; nevertheless, you need to take such aspects as neck length, nose shape, facial features, body shape into account for creating the desired look.
  • Do the cut which will soften your facial features in case you have a square face. Wide cheekbones and will look narrower with a fitting hairstyle.
  • Sharp chin, wide jawline, long face – these are the basic characteristic of triangle face. Lob with side bangs is the fitting cut to choose for creating a perfect look.
  • Rectangular face is almost the same as square one, but longer. You need to select a ‘do which will soften your facial features; choose one of the asymmetrical cuts which will make your face narrower.
  • In case you have round face, then search for a ‘do which will make it look longer and narrower. Give preference to hairdos emphasizing your cheekbones.

Face shape matters when it comes to changing the cut; nevertheless, it’s also worth taking your age and profession and body type into account for completing the overall look.